InVeyn is a Nashville based hard rock band originally from upstate New York.  The three members that make up the family band InVeyn are Mack Metcalf on lead vocals & guitar, John Button, III on bass guitar, Will Metcalf on drums & background vocals.

     In an interview with the band after a local rock show, I asked the guys why they didn't have much of a band bio on any of their social media sites. Mack responded with " It's not for lack of trying I guess our filter for bullshit is set too high",  Mack went on to say that as a band they felt a senseless over exaggerated resume (or band bio) littered with posed pictures didn't start a relationship with their fans off on the right foot.  The guys went on to say that they wanted people to approach them before or after a show to get to know them and allow them to get to know their fans.  "Anything that anyone would ever want to know about us can be felt in our music," said Mack.  This is one of the biggest reasons we don't allow our music to be restricted to a certain style or sound.

     As a huge fan of these soon to be superstars. I wanted to share the answers I got from them.  It has made me respect this band and their music even more.  If you would like to hang out with some humble, talented, down to earth musicians then don't miss a chance to see InVeyn!

 Music Lover